At General Veterinary Hospital, we provide a variety of veterinary services for the care of animal companions. Click on the headers below to learn more about each one! Our services include:



We board our pet guests while their parents are away. Every guest admitted to our facility receives a full medical examination by our veterinarians or Certified Animal Health Technicians. Our guests are provided with hygienic bedding, which is changed and washed daily. Every guest is boarded in 100 individual kennels or, if requested by the owner, we keep the family members in the same kennel.



We have the ability to perform heart diagnostics by radiology, electrocardiograms, and ultrasound with referral to Idexx Cardiologists, if needed.

Idexx Laboratories (Idexx)



We perform in house chemotherapy for our cancer patients. Our veterinarians consult and refer to Board Certified Oncologist (cancer specialists).

Western Veterinary Specialist and Emergency Center
Colorado State University, Flint Animal Cancer Center
Western College Veterinary Medicine



We believe that excellent dental care is the foundation for optimal physical health. We do complete oral exams with digital dental x-rays, dental cleaning, and dental surgery, with or without tooth extraction, as required.



Our veterinarians are trained in your pet’s problems with skin care and ear diseases to determine the best diagnostic tests and treatments. Intradermal and blood allergy tests, as well as food trials, are used to help determine your pet allergies and best treatment options. Dermatology is one special interest of Dr. Abbey and several of our veterinarians.



We perform non-invasive endoscopic examination of stomach (gastroscopy), nasal cavity (nasoscope), colon (sigmoidoscopy), and trachea and lungs (bronchoscopy).



Our in-house laboratory enables us to draw and process samples quickly to enable faster diagnoses and recheck tests. We use outside laboratories and consultants for more advanced testing of your pet.

Necropsy services are also available upon request.

Idexx Laboratories (Idexx), Edmonton Alberta
Prairie Diagnostics Services Inc. (PDS), Saskatoon Saskatchewan,
Colorado State University Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratories (CSU Veterinary Diagnostics)
Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (KSVDL)
ANTECH Diagnostics (Antech)


Nutritional Counselling

Our veterinarians and Animal Health Technicians can recommend an assortment of veterinary maintenance and prescription diets depending of their life stage and/or dietary requirements for your pet.

We offer our General Veterinary Hospital Waist Watcher Program to assist your pet in their weight loss program computer tailored to their individual’s requirements to aide in weight reduction and maintenance.

Hills Pet
Royal Canin



We perform ophthalmic (eye) exams, treatments, and surgeries if needed.


Pet Health/Wellness

We believe that yearly Health/Wellness examinations of our pets are the basis of a long and healthy life. We will perform a detailed Health Exam of each patient and discuss our findings. Recommendation will be given concerning diet, prevention, or additional screening procedures to maintain optimum Health and Wellness. If any health concerns are identified, rest assured treatment can be administered promptly.

We recommend that all pets be vaccinated or have diagnostics blood titers according to their life stage, life style, and health status.



Our complete in-house veterinary pharmacy enables you to pick up your pet’s medications immediately after your their appointment.


Quality of Life Consultation and Euthanasia Services

We provide quality of life consultation, palliative care, and humane euthanasia and cremation services. We also can provide an assortment of memorial items available to help you honor your pet.

At the end of your pet’s life, we want to ensure that they have the comfort and care they require, and we are also committed to provide best compassionate services.


Radiology and Ultrasound

We have digital radiology and ultrasound equipment in our hospital for diagnostic purposes. Advanced studies are then sent to Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound consultants.


Rehabilitation Services

We provide orthopedic and lameness consults and diagnostics, and offer rehabilitation treatments with therapeutic laser and other rehabilitation modalities with exercises.



We provide breeding services for clients, including pregnancy management, semen collection, and artificial insemination.



Our Veterinary Surgeons provide all general surgeries and bone (orthopedic) surgeries. We also provide pet population control surgeries (spays/neuters) for your pet.


“Professional Care with Compassion.”